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Specialised rail supplier with countless realised applications to date.

Schaltbau sales engineers are experienced professionals who work closely with our developers and design engineers, and who are well versed in all branches of industry relevant for rail applications.

They bridge the gap between customer wishes and development engineers. In this way, our customers enjoy the support of an expert who can offer knowledgeable advice, always helping to find the right solution for the application in question.


Electrics for rolling stock

The safety and reliability of rail transport systems are directly dependent on the quality of the electro-mechanical components they use. Schaltbau’s solutions set global benchmarks when it comes to fulfilling complex connection and control functions.

Circuit breaker units

Connecting DC circuits has been a core competency of Schaltbau for many years. The numerous complex power supply systems used for rail vehicles are covered by a whole host of different connector series, including battery and universal contactors, HV disconnectors and contactors, as well as traction contactors.

UIC connectors

Connectors have to stand up to particularly tough conditions. As a result, we are constantly working on refining these components. The Schaltbau series encompass systems for remote control, data communication, energy transmission and braking functions. They offer efficiency-boosting innovations like pre-assembled plugs and jumper receptacles with replacement inserts

Driver’s cab equipment

Efficiency through standardisation and flexibility through customisation for all types of vehicles are the maxims driving the development of innovative Schaltbau operating elements. These range from the full driver’s desk, modular and configurable master controllers and toggle switches to interactive screens and consoles.

Snap-action switches

Safety knows no limits – particularly given its dependency on the smallest details. Available in various series, Schaltbau snap-action switches are built for extreme demands with improved temperature and chemical resistance, as well as for standard demands with dust-proof and water-proof versions.