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Customising is our Standard

The stated aim of Schaltbau is to develop products which are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers.

The stated aim of Schaltbau is to develop products which are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers.


Safely on track

Schaltbau is the first choice when it comes to finding a customer-specific solution for your application situation. Schaltbau products are safety components with tested quality which are easy to fit, largely maintenance-free and long-lasting. This allows you to reconcile optimal safety with maximum efficiency.

  • CP contactor concept

    With the CP series, Schaltbau is introducing another innovative concept to the switch-gear market. The arc-handling is done exclusively by permanent-magnetic blowout. This patented technology ensures fully bi-directional breaking capability and a more compact design. And for the first time the universal devices can be configured as a NO/NC contactor, disconnector or changeover switch. Furthermore, a high-voltage discharging contact, a precharging contactor or several auxiliary contacts can be integrated. Multipole versions are also available. This enables us to react flexibly to changing customer requirements.

  • UIC-IT connectors

    Rugged and state-of-the-art Ethernet solutions for data communications is what is required by today’s rail vehicles. The new UIC-IT series from Schaltbau meets those requirements providing a highly flexible, universal and reliable Ethernet connection option for the harsh railway environment with a useful life that will last for decades. It is designed for use with various types of rail vehicles, making it possible to combine rolling stock of different manufacturers and railway operators.

  • IntelliDesk Concept

    IntelliDesk is an innovative communications and wiring concept for system integration inside a driver desk. Here, every subsystem can be simply connected to a field bus box and immediately establish communication via a central master interface with the on-board train control and monitoring system (TCMS). A feature that is unique to this desk is the display of condition-based maintenance. IntelliDesk has thus turned out to be a landmark on the road towards standardisation and modularisation as intended by UIC 612 and, at the same time, it offers the utmost flexibility and adaptability to a wide variety of rail vehicles.

  • Master controllers

    Schaltbau master controllers can be found in railway vehicles all around the world. The modular construction of our robust, shock-proof and vibration-proof master controllers enables a wide range of possible design variants and varying arrangements for individual operations, such as direction control, keylock and pushbutton switches and lots more. Modern project management ensures adherence to the required deadlines and quality.


High availability

End-to-end planning certainty

Highly convenient

Cost-efficient maintenance


Technical maintenance for disruption-free operations

Specialised in components and driver’s cab systems, Schaltbau is able to draw on wide-ranging know-how in advising, planning and executing comprehensive technical maintenance measures, repairs and regular inspections. We work with you to produce solutions which are tailor-made to integrate into existing vehicles and operating concepts. We aim to deliver on your demands for technical availability and therefore ensure disruption-free operations.

  • Repairs

    We repair your Schaltbau product based on extensive initial diagnostics, including a cost estimate and detailed repair report.

  • Maintenance

    We offer expert technical maintenance for your Schaltbau product based on the intervals and approach defined in your maintenance strategy.

  • Overhaul

    We can design all measures for your Schaltbau product with a view to extending its service life or adding additional technical functions.

  • Replacement parts

    We have replacement and wear parts in Schaltbau quality available over the standard market service period.

  • Drop-In

    We ensure long-term availability in general and develop tailored alternative solutions, including in cases of obsolescence.

  • Logistics

    We offer rapid global delivery and ensure on-time part and materials availability.

  • Assembly

    We take care of the installation and removal or commissioning of your Schaltbau product on site.

  • Analysis

    We analyse the product performance and advise you regarding deployment optimisation.

  • Training

    We offer you a tailored training program on commissioning, use and service.

Our service is local

We provide our services wherever they are required. As part of this, we are able to draw on an extensive international network within the Schaltbau Group as well as on many Schaltbau partners.
Efficient organisation and regular depot visits come as standard.